Release notes for November 2022

We've made the following changes to NovelPad for the November 2022 release. We hope you like them!

Merge a chapter into the previous chapter

You can now merge a chapter on the Chapters Board into the previous chapter, allowing you to quickly combine chapters where needed. To combine chapters, use the new Merge into Previous Chapter option on a chapter card.

Merging a chapter into the previous chapter moves all scenes from the selected chapter into the chapter before it. For example, suppose you want to merge chapters 1 and 2 in your novel into one chapter. On the chapter 2 card, click the Options icon , and then select Merge into Previous Chapter. The scenes from chapter 2 will move to the chapter 1 card, and the chapter 2 card will be deleted.

Split a chapter after a scene

You can now easily split a chapter into two chapters using the new Split Chapter After Scene option on a scene card. This option is helpful if you find yourself with a very long chapter that would work better as two or more chapters, allowing you to quickly split the chapter into two chapters.

To split a chapter, select the last scene card you want to keep in the original chapter. For example, if you want the fourth scene and beyond to be put into a new chapter, select the card for the third scene. Click the Options icon , and then select Split Chapter After Scene. The scenes after the selected scene will be removed from that chapter and moved to a new chapter card.

New hotkeys

  • We've added a new hotkey to split a chapter in the Manuscript. Press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Enter to split a chapter.

  • We've added a new hotkey to split a scene. Press Ctrl/Cmd+Enter to split a scene.

For a complete list of hotkeys available in NovelPad, check out our new Hotkeys topic!

Performance improvements

  • We've improved the performance of the Find/Replace feature, increasing speed to a nearly instant rate of about 1,000 matches per 100,000 words.

  • We've made various improvements to the performance of the ProWritingAid integration.

  • The text editor now performs without lag in a novel up to 250,000 words. Please note there may still be lags if all 250,000 words are in one scene.

Bug fixes

  • All Android bugs (that we were aware of as of this release) have been fixed.

  • When you add a comment to a scene in Editor view, the cursor selection now automatically moves to the new comment.