Save and recover content

Relax! No scenes in NovelPad can truly be deleted. There are multiple ways to recover your work, depending on how you deleted it.

We like to think of the Archive as the space where you keep scenes you may want. For example, maybe you write a one-off scene but aren't sure where it goes in the plot yet or which chapter it should go in. If you've removed the scene from a chapter card or plot card, the scene will hang out in the Archive.

Sending a scene to the Trash does not actually delete any work, but you can think of the Trash more as the space where you keep scenes you are sure you don't want. For example, maybe you write something that is just for practice, and you know you don't want it in your novel at all. If you delete the scene from a chapter card or plot card, the scene will be sent to the Trash.

NovelPad automatically saves and backs up your work every 30 seconds. However, you can also manually save your work at any time by clicking the Save icon on the sidebar.

Share content

Colors for name tags in the Sharing feature are randomly assigned based on your IP address and can't be changed at this time.

Yes, your reviewer will need to create an Editor version of NovelPad account to view a shared link. Editor accounts are free and a paid subscription is not required to collaborate on share links.

Once they've created an account, they can view future links by simply logging into their existing account. If your reviewer would like to create their own share links or use NovelPad's full features (including spell check and grammar check from ProWritingAid), your reviewer can upgrade to a paid NovelPad account at any time.

If you make changes while the editor is making changes, you won't lose any work. When you merge the content from your editor, NovelPad merges your editor's content into your original scene and then creates a scene revision with your original content.

If you make changes to a scene that you have already shared, those changes will not appear in the shared scene. If you make changes in a shared scene and want to share those changes, you will need to delete the existing link and create a new share link.

Find and replace

Access the find and replace feature at the top right of the screen on any editor view by pressing Ctrl+F on a PC or Cmd+F on a Mac.

There are certain common words that aren't included in the search functionality, such as "the" and "and". If the word is too common, it may be included on this list and the find and replace feature won't be able to search for it.

Offline mode

You have access to all of NovelPad's features on a free trial, including offline mode!

To access offline mode, you can disable your internet connection and keep on writing. NovelPad automatically detects a loss of internet connectivity and seamlessly saves changes to your device in offline mode. When you're connected to the internet again, NovelPad will automatically sync your work back to the server, no matter how long it's been since the last time you were online.


You can change the title, author, and description of your novel in the Manuscript.

The Plots board is where you can organize and manage these scenes in your novel independently of the Chapters board and the Manuscript. Think of the Plots board like a bulletin board where you can group, pin, and arrange your scenes however you want. Where the Chapters board is useful for arranging your scenes into chapters and creating the chronology of your novel, the Plots board can be useful for tracking the scenes in your main plot and your side plots. You could also use the Plots board for tracking the scenes you haven't yet added to your novel. The board, like your novel, is limited only by your imagination!

NovelPad works on most devices with modern browsers. We officially support and recommend using the following browsers and devices with NovelPad.


NovelPad is officially supported on the latest version of the following browsers.

  • Brave

  • Chrome

  • Edge

  • Firefox

  • Safari

Operating systems

NovelPad is officially supported on the latest version of the following operating systems.

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • Windows

  • Android

If you're experiencing any issues with your device or browser using NovelPad, reach out to us.

Generally, any browser extension that modifies the content on the browser window can cause unexpected behavior in NovelPad. If you're experiencing issues with performance or any other funky behavior, try disabling any browser extensions you may have enabled. Most browsers allow you to disable browser extensions for specific websites.

Check out our Hotkeys topic for a list of all hotkeys you can use in NovelPad.